You can live out the following preferences with me:

Anal games with fingers or dildos
Fisting ( do not tolerate Popper)
Urethral dilatation
Chastity with penis cage
Catheter (I am very experienced)
Needles on nipples
Adult baby games
Electric games (with spiked wheel)
Whipping on the buck (with or without marks)
testicular ligation
Punishment with the testicle pillory
Milking machine from Serious Kit with or without electric
Mask Discipline (Latex and Pvc)
Delivered in rubber bag
Delivered in inflatable rubber bag
Education to become a latex doll
cage discipline
Bondage with rubber strap
Chains with chains
Simple bondage with ropes
sensory deprivation
breath control (also only with me or on both sides)
High Heel Fetish ( Size 41 to 46)
Overknee fetish (size 41 to 45)
Waders boot fetish (size 43 to 46)
Apron fetish (latex and pvc)
Games with rubber household gloves (approx. 30 pairs, short, long, size M-XL)
Bathing cap discipline (with chinstrap, original 60s)
Nylon kit fetish (Extensive wardrobe of M-XXL , original 70's)
Heavyrubber Session
Multilayer Latex
Games in ABC suit or ABC coat
gas mask fetish
Oral active safer only

If you have a preference that's not there, just let me know.

I am very imaginative, experienced and like role-playing of all kinds.

I respect your taboos. I also expect you to respect my taboos.

Which would be there:
Anal intercourse active/passive, kissing, smoking, poppers and rimming active/passive