I would like to make you an interesting offer.
If you are looking for a longer contact and don't want to pay again and again, this offer is perfect.

You can visit me 300 minutes. How you schedule this time is entirely up to you.
You can come 5 x 60 minutes, 2 x 120 minutes and 1 x  60 minutes, 2 x 90 minutes and 1 x 120 minutes. It doesn't matter, it always results in 300 minutes.
But not possible is 10 x 30 minutes.
1 hour is the minimum.

There is no expiration time. You can take as long as you like.

After each visit we look together at how long you were there and how much is left.

That will be written down and so we always have the overview.

As in the other sessions only the pure session time is calculated.

You can also live out everything with me. It doesn't matter to me what is done.
Gladly you can bring in also own fantasies. They may also be completely failed without problems.
Important is simply that they are also realizable.

But the taboos must also be kept with this offer.

I am flexible concerning days and time. Appointments are possible 7 days a week.
Appointments can be made 30 minutes in advance.

You pay for it flat rate 750.-
Thus you pay per 60 minutes 150.- instead of 300.- as usual.