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Dear bizarre friend

If you like to life out your bizarre fetishfantasies often with me ( Tv Leila ), the interesting offer is the rigth one for you:

I have an offer for you to experience this based on mutual respect, reliability, loyalty, confidence and solidarity.
You may ask yourself how serious my offer is. I am absolutely serious, even because these characteristics are obviously no longer requested very much. They have to be promoted again which is from my point of view the more intelligent way rather than to harm each other.

Personally I am absolutely satisfied with my situation. I have created my own world, based on mutual respect and confidence, reliability and loyalty as well. It would make me happy to welcome you in my world.

The service is as follows: You have the possibility to visit me as much as you want for a period of one year maximum. One session will last 120 minutes minimum and is limited to 180 minutes for the time being. However, if there is a sufficient number of participating bizarrelovers the time of a session may be extended to 2160 minutes and even more.

The fee for this service is Sfr.1200.- to be paid in advance

I know very well that confidence is needed from your side but you will no be disappointed. You will find conditions which are nearly ideal, I love my work and money does not have the highest priority. However, there are expenses and I have to invest constantly into new products to suit your demands.