Dear bizarre lover

Again and again the topic hygiene and cleanness is addressed. For us that is of course a very important issue. We would like to explain to you in detail how  we proceed. As soon as a guest has said goodbye the work begins.

1. The bath tub, fittings, basins, toilet glasses and toilet bowl will be disinfected. We are using a poison free disinfectant normally used by doctor's and in hospitals .

2. If necessary, the fetish clothes are disinfected. (e.g. after enema games).

3. All clothes and toys are soaked in the bathtub using HexiBlue, which is a cleaner and disinfectant, poison free especially for fetish clothing.

4. Now it comes to the individual rooms.

In latex bed room:

We clean and disinfect the rubber coach, especially the seat with a sponge and HexiBlue. In case the big sheet on the bed was used, this is also treated with HexiBlue.

In educations room:

Depending on use the two latex couches and the latex pillow these are disinfected with HexiBlue. Other things like clamps,
whips etc. are disinfected as well.

In the clinical complex:

Dildos and catch bowl are disinfected. Dildos are always used with condoms, but they will be disinfected after usage anyway. The seat of the Gyn chair will be covered by a new latex sheet and the back will be disinfected. The used sheet will be soaked with HexiBlue in the bath tub. Depending on usage the latex pillow and sheet of the hospital bed they are treated also with HexiBlue. Things to be sterile, like catheters, sterile exam gloves, sterile swab and needles will be unpacked, used and thrown away. I NEVER use sterile utensils twice ! From time to time all door traps are disinfected.

5. The clothes are taken off the bath or basin, rinsed and hung up for drying.

6. All the fittings are cleaned from lime spots, that they shine beautifully!

7. If required (e.g. after enema games),  the bathroom ground will be disinfected. Otherwise it will be wet cleaned like the ground in the other rooms as well. I am offering special slippers also used in cosmetics studios, in order to keep your risk of infections as limited as possible.

8. Once the fetish clothes are dry, they are checked again whether they are really clean.